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Top Resources for Managing Diabetes

Top Resources for Managing Diabetes

Diabetes, whether type-1 or type-2, is a condition that affects many facets of life, everything from diet, mental health, lifestyle, and more. While diabetes is daunting, there is no reason it should be dealt with alone. With the emergence of countless online spaces, resources for diabetes management are always on the rise. We have curated a list below of our top choices of diabetes applications to help you navigate living with diabetes: 

Bezzy T2D

An accessible and exhaustive resource, Bezzy T2D is an online community for people with type-2 diabetes. The community provides everything from support channels, exercise regimens, sugar-management recipes, live discussions, and much more.

One of the most prominent principles of the platform is its foundation on being a 'judgment-free space', making it an appealing space for users to seek out information as well as support on dealing with type-2 diabetes.

For individuals looking for a safe, reliable channel to connect with people going through similar experiences with their type-2 diabetes journey, Bezzy T2D has a lot to offer.


Much like the name of this app, it is straightforward and logs day-to-day information regarding blood glucose levels. Diabetes is a no-frills service, meaning that it helps you to meticulously track your levels, tag them, as well as see them on a graph to help you monitor trends - all without unnecessary features.

The diabetes app is especially useful for individuals that do not want to navigate too many functions, especially elderly users. The application makes it easy to look back on any trends and patterns and share them with your doctors. This application is compatible with both mobile phones and tablets.

Klinio: Diabetes Meal Tracker

Klinio is an excellent one-stop shop for managing & tracking ideal meals to suit your blood sugar needs. Not only does it provide countless recipes, it also has features to log daily blood glucose levels, weight, fitness goals, and many other fitness assistants.

Notable for its easy customization, it provides specific recommendations to meet your body's needs and goals. Looking for a way to incorporate exercise into your diabetes management? Klinio also provides tutorials and suggestions for exercises to best suit your body type & age range.

Packed with great inspiration and instructions for meals & lifestyle routines, Klinio provides lots of opportunities to help you stay organized throughout your diabetes journey. 

Download it from the Play Store here: 

Diabetes:M - Blood Sugar Diary

Diabetes:M is a logbook app for tracking everything from type-1 and type-2 to even gestational diabetes. This intuitive application helps users and loved ones monitor glucose levels as well as set reminders for fitness goals & activities. The application also comes with the option to track food intake, as well as functions to add meals & ingredients to include into your daily nutrition.

Diabetes:M is especially useful in that it can easily organize imported data from various glucose monitors & insulin pumps that are available in the market today. With so many digital tools helping to track information for 

Download it from the Play Store here: 

While news of diabetes may be overwhelming to deal with, more resources are curated daily to make the journey smoother. Mobile applications and online networks provide a wealth of knowledge for people wanting to better understand their health and loved ones wishing to partake in the care. For anyone with any type of diabetes - there's comfort in knowing that you certainly aren't alone!

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