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3 Applications for Seniors to Learn Something New Every Day

3 Apps for Seniors to Learn Something New Every Day

A great way to promote healthy aging is keeping not only our bodies active - but our minds as well. As many adages go, 'learning never stops at any age!' with the advent of smartphones and tablets, the wide variety of educational and infotainment applications make learning a more pleasant experience. With how much information is readily available today, primarily via the internet, learning something brand-new daily is an easily achievable goal.

We've curated a list of apps to encourage seniors to participate in daily learning alongside engaging with fascinating, out-of-the-box pieces of knowledge along the way! 


Hola! Bonjour! Bienvenue! Duolingo is an intuitive language learning app with a wide selection of languages from all over the world. Characteristically known by its fun mascot - Duo the owl, Duo and his team of friends help guide you through your language learning journey.

Duolingo's popularity can undoubtedly be attributed to its interface and teaching methods. The interface and layout is simple and easy to get the hang of, making it an appealing choice for elderly users. Its short, two-bite lessons make it very digestible as well. An attractive application without long, winded explanations holds older users' attention. 

Lessons can be completed anywhere from 2-5 minutes, covering a wide array of topics. With its combination of clicking, writing, and speaking - Duolingo takes advantage of your smartphone's features to make the lessons as immersive as possible, all with the added benefit of taking it at your own pace.

Another notable feature of the application is its' daily streaks'. With its encouraging and timely notifications, Duolingo wants to see you achieve simple' daily goals', with celebrations at each milestone (1 week, 1 month, etc.). You'll be fluent in a whole new language before you even know it!

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Veracious - "characterized by truthfulness; true, accurate, or honest in content."

Veracious was's word of the day today! A delightful, one-stop-shop application to learn a fun new word, its origins, and how to use it.

Expanding our vocabulary has plenty of benefits. Besides making us sound clever in our conversations, it helps us improve our language & memory skills. Exploring the origins and etymology of words allows us to dive into grammar, history, and even fascinating facts about what makes the word special.'s application comes with its iconic 'word of the day', word games, a voice-search dictionary, and an upgrade for encyclopedias. Engaging in a word of the day activity is a simple and engaging way for seniors to expand their daily knowledge pursuit.'s application is a great resource to encourage seniors to partake in short lessons - without the need for bulky books! 

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Bright Side

Aptly named, this app certainly shines a light on the brighter side of things in life! Bright Side app provides a host of articles, pieces of 'good news', inspirational & feel-good stories, and even humor. While news outlets today may generate many clicks with their more intense journalism, Bright Side sets itself apart with its easier-to-digest content. As phrased by them, "We observe and delight in the wonderful world around us, side by side with you."

With the articles, listicles, and videos being relatively short, it is an ideal app for seniors wishing to immerse themselves in a quick, daily cheer. Longer, more winded posts may not be suitable for holding the interest of elderly readers; Bright Side uses its easy layout and visuals to make it appealing for users of all ages. 

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Learning is a joy at every stage, and intuitive applications make it a pleasure even in old age. With such applications making lessons easy to access and digestible, the journey of pursuing knowledge never has to stop!

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