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Popular Podcasts For The Elderly

Popular Podcasts For The Elderly

Podcasts are a refreshing way to relax and tune in to a world of information and interests. Podcasts are pre-recorded shows that can cover many topics, everything from business to art to health. Podcasts are easily available on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. We all know that daily tasks, chores, and activities can be a little under-stimulating. Listening to a podcast simultaneously can do wonders to make it feel more engaging. With the wide range of topics covered, seniors have an opportunity to dive into any topic they already love, as well as discover some unique new ones to enjoy.

Here are our top 5 choices of podcasts below:

Aging in Full Bloom

Aging in Full Bloom

Hosted by Lisa Stockdale, Aging in Full Bloom is an insightful podcast about graceful & empowering aging.

This podcast features a variety of guests who are authors of great books regarding senior healthcare and navigating the hurdles that come with age. Topics such as ‘Making Sense of Menopause’, ’Life After Retirement’, and ‘Telehealth’ are great platforms to spark conversations. While the podcast is informational, the guests provide stimulating conversations that are sure to entertain and amuse listeners.

Check it out on: 

Apple Podcasts, Captivate.FM   

TED Talks & Podcasts

TED Talks

TED is best known for its motto of “ideas worth sharing” and its vast collection of ‘talks’ hosted by various outstanding speakers from all over the world.

They have their talks available for viewing on YouTube as well as on their website, along with a collection of 20+ curated podcasts. The podcasts cover a multitude of topics spanning health, economics, history, and many more.

Learning never stops at any age, and TED provides excellent resources to help keep interests & insights thriving.

Check it out on:
TED Site, YouTube 

Stuff You Should Know

Suff You Should Know

Do you ever wonder what makes people left-handed? Or if fish ever get thirsty? Stuff You Should Know is an excellent podcast for broadening your knowledge on a wide range of subjects. The show has been running for eight years and has over 1,200 episodes. You won’t ever run out of new things to learn or discover!

Fascinating facts combined with wit & humor, Stuff You Should Know has you covered on your daily dose of infotainment!

Check it out on: 

iHeart Radio, Spotify 

Woman’s Hour

Woman's Hour

Broadcasted on BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour has been running for over 70 years and has been the second most popular podcast on the BBC network. These 1-hour podcast episodes cover topics such as motherhood, relationships, health care, and feminism. An excellent deep dive into topics that impact women from across the globe and give a fresh perspective on many different talking points.

Irrespective of gender, Woman’s Hour is an engaging show - with over 40% of its listeners being men! Woman’s Hour goes to show how this educational show can be inspiring and enjoyable for any audience.

Check it out on: 

Apple Podcasts, BBC Sounds  

Stuff You Missed in History Class 

Stuff You Missed in History Class

As the name suggests, Stuff You Missed in History Class dives into the lesser-known stories in history. For any fans of history out there, this podcast does a great job shining a light on some of the ‘underdogs’ in history. Spanning a variety of decades and times, Stuff You Missed in History class has something to offer any enthusiast.

This podcast delivers mini history lessons in digestible episodes, a wonderful choice for anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge.

Check it out on:
Stitcher, iHeart Radio 

Enjoy the new golden age of audio - reminiscent of tuning into shows on the radio, podcasts give us a little slice of life, no matter what the topic is. With the endless variety out there too, there’s bound to be a podcast you love to listen to!

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