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Pill Reminder Strategies for Elderly with Complex Medication Schedules

Pill Reminder Strategies for Elderly with Complex Medication Schedules

Having to take medication is of course essential for your health and well-being, yet you can’t deny the fact that it is also an inconvenience. Having to take one type of medication is tough enough when your memory isn’t what it was, but having to remember to take several different types can seem like an impossible task some days as a senior. 

Forgetting to take your medication is very serious, and could potentially be life-threatening, which is why creating pill reminder ideas and strategies for elderly people with complex medication schedules is so important. 

To help ensure that your elderly loved ones stay on top of their medication schedules, here’s a look at several pill reminder tips and strategies. 

Use a pill organizer

One of the simplest, and most effective ways of organizing medication more efficiently is to use a pill organizer. 

Pill organizers are basically pill boxes with compartments for each day of the week, and different times of the day. Basic ones are simply split into AM and PM, though more complex pill organizers have more specific compartments for different times of day. 

Use a pill reminder

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that an individual remembers to take their medication is to use a pill reminder. 

A pill reminder is a specially designed device that was created to remind users to take their medication at specific times. 

While basic pill reminders are simply pill boxes with timers attached that can be set to go off at specific times to serve as a reminder, you can also use more complex pill reminders such as apps for smart devices. These apps are useful as they are full of other helpful features designed to keep seniors safe, healthy, and medicated. 

If you use a pill reminder with a pill organizer, it is virtually impossible to forget to take your medication. 

Set up a pill timer

A pill timer is very similar to a pill reminder, except for the fact that it primarily serves as a timer, compared with reminder apps, that have other features. 

Seniors sometimes struggle to remember to take their pills and medications, especially if they’re visiting family, doing chores, or simply doing something that’s keeping them busy and distracted. In these situations, pill timers are great because the alarm will sound and instantly remind the elderly individual that they need to take their medication at specific times of the day. 

Use smart technology

We mentioned pill reminder and pill timer apps a little earlier on, but now we’re going to elaborate on what they are and why they’re so important. 

Pill reminder apps allow you to send reminders to take specific types of medication, and you can add images of the medication as well as add custom messages. You can even set them to re-send the reminder and they can be used to send reminders about doctor’s appointments. Once the app has been downloaded and installed onto the senior’s phone, tablet, or both, it can then be customized to suit their needs. 

If the senior in question is not comfortable with technology, there are senior-friendly pill reminder apps designed for older people who aren’t great with technology. 

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