Phones Made Easy For The Elderly

Simplify Phones For The Elderly With Android Launchers

Simplify Phones For The Elderly With Android Launchers

Many seniors would find a regular Android phone too complex and confusing to use. Some of the reasons are technical complexity, lack of customization, too many options, screen contrast, smaller font, and icon size, to name a few. While several phones available in the market are different in terms of screen size, weight, memory, storage, etc., they all have a similar interface and have not been designed keeping elderly usage in mind.

The good news is that Android smartphones have a category of apps called launchers that can help to customize and set up these phones to make them elderly-friendly. Below are a few reasons you would want to install a launcher app specifically designed for the elderly.

Disclosure: We have used ONY Phone Launcher to illustrate the differences. We are the developers of ONY Phone Launcher app.

Simplified Home Screen

Android launchers designed for the elderly simplify the home screen by taking care of icon size, contrast, and enabling the addition of only the most used apps for easy navigation. This results in a clean and clutter-free home screen so that older adults can easily find their favorite apps. Besides, these launchers provide various options to customize the layout, color, and add/remove functionalities to suit personal preferences.

Convenient Settings Screen

Apart from using apps on the home screen, the elderly also need to regularly access basic phone settings like volume, brightness, WiFi, torch, etc. On a default Android interface, these settings are buried under layers of Settings screens. Launchers for the elderly present the most commonly used settings and make them super easy to access and manage.

Effortless Apps Management

Smartphones enable us to make the best use of technology through the usage of various apps. Installing, uninstalling, or adding app shortcuts to the main screen for quick access is complicated and varies from phone to phone. Phone launchers for the elderly simplify these functions by designing these functionalities to be elderly-friendly, enabling older adults to manage these tasks independently. 

We have heard many stories where older adults find it challenging to use a smartphone due to its complexity, and Android launchers like ONY Phone has helped them tremendously. If you are convinced of the benefits of such launchers for your elderly, do give ONY Phone Launcher a try.

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