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Fun Activities for Elderly People in Nursing Homes

Fun Activities for Elderly People in Nursing Homes

Forget about ‘life beginning at 40’, with the right mindset, the right surroundings and lifestyle, life can begin at 70, 80, or even 90. For seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, life can sometimes become a little monotonous and, dare we say, boring, which is why finding activities to do is so important.

Having activities to take part in as a senior is important not only for passing the time, but also for helping to keep the mind sharp as well. The good news is that there are plenty of games for the elderly in nursing homes and heaps of activities to choose from. 

Here’s a look at several activities and game ideas for seniors in nursing homes. 

Arts and crafts activities

A fantastic way of passing the time, relaxing, and helping to keep the mind sharp is by taking part in arts and crafts activities. 

Arts and crafts activities for the elderly in nursing homes are great because there is so much to choose from. You can have them paint or draw a picture, make a seasonal wreath or display, do some knitting, assemble a model kit, do some coloring, some knitting, or anything else for that matter. 

With so many different fun crafts to choose from, it’s no wonder why arts and crafts for the elderly in nursing homes are such wonderful ideas. 

Casual online games

Thanks to sites such as SilverActivities , there are heaps of fun games and activities that seniors can play online on a computer, smartphone, or tablet device. 

The casual games on SilverAc tivities are hugely entertaining and highly detailed, and there is a vast selection to choose from. Tube Link, for example, is a puzzle game whereby the player must connect the link between identically colored squares. This helps work on coordination and problem-solving, as well as reaction times. 


Jigsaws are one of the most popular games for the elderly in nursing homes, so of course we had to include them in this list. 

Jigsaws make for the ultimate rainy weekend afternoon activity. They’re great when done in groups, they encourage socializing, they require critical thinking and problem solving, they’re very relaxing, and at the end they’re very rewarding and provide a sense of achievement when the puzzle has been completed. 


Bingo may be stereotypically associated with nursing homes, but seniors do tend to love a game of bingo, so it’s the perfect game to enjoy. 

Bingo can be played with a group of seniors and the care staff, or alternatively, it can be enjoyed digitally. 

Again, SilverActivities offer a wide selection of bingo games that can b e enjoyed both online and offline. With Sewing Bingo, Hygiene Bingo, Transport Bingo, Number Bingo, and many other bingo games you can to select bingo games to suit seniors with all tastes and preferences. 

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