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Fall Monitor for Elderly People – 3 Ways to Prevent Seniors Falling at Home

Fall Monitor for Elderly People – 3 Ways to Prevent Seniors Falling at Home

For younger people, tripping, slipping, or falling over is no big deal and is often seen as something funny or amusing. For a senior however, a trip or fall could lead to a stay in a hospital, a very serious injury, or even death.

Each year, roughly 36 million falls are reported amongst seniors. Of these 36 million seniors, 32,000 sadly lose their lives. This is a frightening statistic that needs addressing. 1 in every 5 falls also results in a serious injury, which could be life-changing. 

The good news is that, thanks to wearables and futuristic technology, if a senior does take a tumble, the necessary authorities can be alerted immediately and help can be dispatched right away. 

Using a monitoring device for elderly people, such as a fall monitor, is a great way to keep a senior safe, but what else can be done to make the home safer? Here’s a look at 3 ways to prevent seniors from falling at home. 

Ensure they’re wearing sensible footwear

One of the most common causes of slips, trips, and falls in the home is unsuitable footwear. 

To help reduce the likelihood of an elderly person taking a fall at home, ensure that their footwear is suitable.

Slippers for example, may be comfortable, but ensure that they’re the right size and that they fit snugly. If they’re too big and loose, they could slip off while the senior is walking, causing them to trip over.

You should also ensure that their footwear has plenty of grip and that the soles aren’t slippery, especially on slippery surfaces such as tiles, wooden floors, or laminate flooring.

Ensure the home is well lit

Another useful tip for helping to prevent elderly falls at home is to ensure that the home is well-lit. 

With the cooler and darker months now approaching, less sunlight means that the home needs to be well-illuminated to reduce the risk of a fall.

If the home isn’t well-lit, a senior could trip over a piece of furniture, a shoe, an item of clothing, a mat, or any other obstacle hiding in the dark that would be fully visible in good lighting.

Another reason to ensure the home is properly lit is to ensure that any cameras installed to monitor elderly people can clearly see the senior to ensure that they’re okay.

Fall monitors

A fall monitor for elderly people is one of the most effective products you can invest in.

A monitor for an older adult living alone is ideal because the device, which is wearable and very discreet, senses when the senior has taken a fall and it will automatically alert the necessary people and call for help.

Wearables and futuristic technology such as these fall monitors are great because they will call for help and will communicate with a team of friendly care providers to determine the condition of the senior, to reassure them, and to arrange for help if it is required.

Final Thoughts

With so many elderly people taking falls each year, and with thousands sadly losing their lives as a result, fall prevention is one of our main priorities when it comes to caring for the elderly.

Not only do we wish to help protect elderly people and prevent falls, we also want the seniors in question to get the necessary help and assistance should they require it.

The tips above may sound fairly basic, but they can, and have, helped save lives, and will continue to do so.

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