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Seniors Upgrade From Radios To Podcasts

Radio’s Being Renewed Through Podcasts

Radios are ubiquitous with music and even the news; we often think about it hand in hand. From major life events to the newest music, history has found people saying, "turn on the radio, let's hear what happened!" Seniors have countless memories of radio's revolutionary impact on everyday life and how it has stood the test of time.

While the medium of traditional radio might not be as popular as it once was - with the rise of CDs, more accessible video content, and even digital streaming; the principles of radio still stand today. Today, some might say that radios have not disappeared but evolved - into a new form of content known as 'podcasts'. 

A brief history

Podcasts started as 'audio blogs', pieces of audio people could access again and again if they missed the live broadcast. The term 'podcast' was first heard in 2004 when the software 'iPodder' was developed by former MTV video jockey - Adam Curry and software developer - Dave Winer. iPodder was set up to help people download internet radio broadcasts into their iPods and mp3 players so they could listen to them at their leisure on the go. The word 'podcast' was first used in an article by Ben Hammersly in The Guardian, and he is often regarded as the man who coined the term. (Source)   

The rise of the Internet

Internet radio broadcasts were a great catalyst leading to the need for podcasts. Without needing complicated software and mast towers to broadcast across AM/FM waves, the internet made it easy for people to present shows on any topic anywhere. Today, we can enjoy online radio stations from all over the world by accessing websites and streaming services. While radio waves can be listened to from a distance, the internet reaches far more corners than ever imagined.

It became more popularised over time with people learning how simple it was to be able to produce their own internet radio shows and podcasts. This opened an avenue for people to talk about their special interests, connect with communities with shared passions from all over the globe, and speak candidly without worries rising from censor boards. Podcasts proved to be an attractive medium for amateur radio presenters and aspiring hosts to build their platform. 

It could be your new passion

As a result, we have podcasts today that span countless subjects, everything from true crime to politics to notable life stories. The traditional notion of sitting by the radio and tuning in for a broadcast isn't as popular as it once was. Still, presenters from all walks of life can turn to a new form of expression and information sharing through podcasts. While we may think that new media led to a type of 'death of radio', it can be argued that radio is undoubtedly far from dead with the emergence and ever-growing popularity of podcasts. It is adapting to fit the new ways people consume media today.

Podcasts are available on many platforms and can be easily downloaded for offline listening too. As a medium, they do a great job of delivering information & personality - reminiscent of charismatic radio hosts & newscasters that seniors fondly remember listening to. Podcasts are an easy hobby to pick up, especially for an aging audience. The availability of so many subjects in many languages provides an opportunity for elderly folks to explore an activity that helps them reminisce about sitting to tune into an engaging radio broadcast.

Check out our blog Popular Podcasts for the Elderly , for inspiration on podcasts and shows for your elderly loved one to check out! 

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