Phones Made Easy For The Elderly

Apps For Elderly To Stay Organised And Increase Productivity

Apps For Elderly To Stay Organised And Increase Productivity

Smartphones are fantastic organizational tools! There’s no need anymore for large, bulky diaries, filing cabinets, and misplaced notecards. With how much we use our phones for messages, calls, and games - it might be easy to forget just how powerful & useful smartphones are for other things.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite enriching organizer apps for seniors that cover a variety of needs:

Paprika Recipe Manager

There’s nothing like grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, her stew, or any of her recipes! Paprika is a recipe management app that allows users to upload recipes, the ingredients needed, and images of their finished creations. Family recipes are often scattered amongst cookbooks, slips of paper, and old notebooks - Paprika works to consolidate all of these treasures to make them easy to preserve and enjoy.

Alongside being an organizational tool, typing out these recipes can be an excellent activity for older adults. By taking control of the upload process, seniors can be sure to outline and describe their recipes to a perfect tee! It doubles up as an enriching activity, sharing these wonderful recipes with loved ones and future generations. 

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Diary With Lock

It’s been shown in many instances that writing & journaling can be a great tool to help us reflect over the day. For seniors looking for a relaxing, everyday hobby, journaling might be your calling! Diary With Lock is an easy-to-use application, making it a good choice for seniors. With its colorful interface and option to track ‘mood’ alongside the diary entry, this app gives you more than what meets the eye. It comes equipped with safety features such as a passcode lock to ensure that your thoughts can remain private for those who prefer to keep their journal exclusively to themselves.

It also comes with a read-aloud feature in multiple languages - meaning that if someone would like their entry dictated back to them, the app does it with a push of a button.

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Healthy Minds Program

Who says our thoughts don’t need organization as well? With the growing attention towards ‘mindfulness’, people of all age groups are encouraged to look inward to help them grow and stay strong. The Healthy Minds Program application was developed with research from neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson and his team from the University of Wisconsin’s ‘Center for Healthy Minds’.

The Healthy Minds Program app strives to help users develop a healthy mindset by focusing on awareness, connection, insight, purpose, and wellbeing. With this framework and ‘podcast-style’ teachings, these guided meditations take a holistic approach to mindfulness and meditation. The app is developed so that each section is in bite-sized enough pieces so that no section will be too overwhelming for people dipping their toes into mindfulness for the first time.

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The Notes app in-built into all smartphones today is arguably one of the ‘hidden gems’ in the operating system. While many users look towards the notes app to quickly jot their grocery list, it has several other functions. With the notes app becoming more advanced, it’s easy to record ‘voice memos’ as well, to document thoughts on the go easily.

Categorize your notes into folders; it could operate as a diary, work notebook, food diary - or anything your mind can think of! Notes apps help keep track of daily habits, as well as medication or any other day-to-day info to be logged. Its simple layout makes it a fuss-free app for seniors who want to keep track of their thoughts and to-do lists and compile images into one easy source! 

Gone are the days of having individual organizers for various areas of our lives. Home life, daily habits, and hobbies can be easily categorized and arranged into one comfortable space on our smartphones. No need to misplace your thoughts when you can carry them as you go on your mobile phone!

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