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Popular Android Launchers For Seniors To Make Phones Easier

Popular Android Launchers to Make Phones for Elderly Easier

We know how frustrating smartphones can be for many older adults. With informational overload, small fonts, and technical jargon, navigating mobile phones today have a steep learning curve. With Android’s customizable features, installing a launcher for your elderly loved one will make using smartphones a breeze. Majortiy of such apps allow to change the Android skin to make it super easy for seniors.

Here we list down a few of the popular elder-friendly launchers below:

ONYPhone Launcher

Developed by SilverActivities , ONY is simple & beautiful. Who said phones for seniors have to look big and dowdy? ONY Phone adds a great aesthetic to smartphones and is seamless and easy to learn.

Favorite contacts are only one click away with ‘Photo Contacts’ - providing an easy visual for a new spin on ‘speed dial’!

ONY’s virtual ‘floating’ home button makes navigating between applications easy! Instead of swiping from the bottom to access the home key, this assistive touch button takes you back home in an instant.  

Here are some of the main features for ONYPhone Android launchers for the elderly

🟢 Simplified, beautiful home screen for easy access to favorite apps.

🟢 Easy access to the standard system settings.

🟢 AIR mode for those who need the bare basic functionality with everything else hidden.

🟢 All the app management simplified:

✅ Add or remove apps to home screen

✅ Arrange apps on home screen

✅ Rename apps

✅ Hide unwanted apps

✅ Uninstall apps

🟢 No Ads ever!

🟢 Virtual home button, app notifications, personalized themes, and many more.

ONYPhone launcher for elderly supports following languages

✔️ English 🇬🇧

✔️ German 🇩🇪

✔️ Italian 🇮🇹

✔️ Spanish 🇪🇸

✔️ French 🇫🇷

✔️ Simplified Chinese 🇨🇳

✔️ Traditional Chinese (HK) 🇭🇰

✔️ Malay 🇲🇾

✔️ Hindi 🇮🇳

✔️ Bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩

🆕 Japanese 🇯🇵

🆕 Korean 🇰🇷

🆕 Polish 🇵🇱

🆕 Portuguese 🇵🇹


This launcher replaces the existing Android interface with a ‘bald’ version, making it simpler and more straightforward for seniors. Available in over 30 languages, BaldPhone focuses on simplifying Android phones to be easy to understand across cultures.

The menu fonts are adjustable, making it easy to cater to your needs, especially for seniors with difficulties with their vision.

It has an added feature called ‘Pills’ to help set reminders for daily medications.

Big Launcher

True to its name, all of it is BIG - magnifying the interface with large, distinct icons making the menu less cluttered with extra information. The SOS button makes it very handy in emergencies, saving time in case a loved one or medical help needs to be quickly contacted.

Navigate your most essential apps more quickly with customizable features on Big Launcher. 

Senior Safety Phone - Big Icon

The Senior Safety Phone launcher transforms smartphones into senior-friendly devices with an intuitive interface. It features large, easy-to-read buttons and text, simplifying tasks like calling and texting. The launcher facilitates accessibility with customizable home screens and locked volume settings, and it includes an automatic app-closing feature to improve device performance.

This launcher is free to download, which makes it accessible, but it includes in-app purchases and advertisements that could impact the user experience.

Senior Homescreen

The Senior Homescreen launcher is tailored to streamline smartphone usage for senior citizens, offering a minimalistic interface with easy access to essential apps. It comes pre-configured with three basic applications but allows customization to include any apps that the user might need, such as a dialer, messaging, camera, photo gallery, WhatsApp, and weather.

Enjoy a straightforward, senior-friendly interface that respects the simplicity and accessibility needs of older users. Please note that the app contains advertisements, which may be a distraction for some users.

Elder Launcher 

Elder Launcher’s most significant selling point is its focus on simplicity and legibility. With so many seniors struggling and squinting at their smartphones, this launcher makes focusing on words and icons easier. The launcher supports pinning favorite apps and contacts to the home screen for quick access. Not only can you pin your most-used apps to the home screen, but also your favorite contacts.

Elder Launcher also supports dark mode for seniors that prefer a dark background! 

No matter the Android device, there’s a senior-friendly launcher to make the smartphone experience a breeze for the elderly! It’s about installing and trying one of these or other launchers to make smartphones fun again for your elderly loved ones.


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