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3 Ways Smart Homes for Elderly People are so Beneficial for Aging in Place

3 Ways Smart Homes for Elderly People are so Beneficial for Aging in Place

Nowadays, ‘smart’ is very much the buzzword of the times. First, we had smart phones, then came smart TVs, then smart watches, smart meters, smart roads, smart cars, and now we even have smart homes. 

Modern technology is advancing rapidly, and with wearables and futuristic technology now more advanced than ever, the benefits of this kind of technology are really becoming apparent. Whereas smart tech was initially designed for entertainment purposes, now it can, and has, saved lives. 

Smart homes are basically homes which are equipped with electronic devices that can be controlled remotely, either via remote control, computer, or voice command. Something as simple as a monitoring device for elderly people can be installed in a smart home, and the benefits will instantly be noticeable.

To help show you just how important smart homes for seniors can be, here’s a look at 3 ways in which smart homes for elderly people are so beneficial. 

Smart homes can provide alarm systems

One of the main advantages of smart homes for elderly people is the fact that electronic devices and cameras can be installed and equipped with alarms that can be triggered in the event of an emergency. 

Whether it’s a trip alarm, a panic button, a smoke alarm, or any other alarm, smart tech really offers you a wide range of choices. There are even silent alarm options.

With the alarms in place, these provide the perfect monitoring device for elderly people. The senior whose house it is could raise the alarm in the event of an emergency, or remote access can be granted where other people monitoring the devices can raise the alarm to alert the necessary authorities. 

Smart homes offer more security

As awful as it is, we live in a world where elderly, vulnerable people living alone are targeted by criminals, scam artists, and other awful human beings because they are seen as easy targets.

The last thing any of us want is to be worried about an elderly relative living alone, which is another reason why smart homes are so useful, as they offer numerous security options.

Smart homes provide cameras to monitor elderly people, they allow doors to be locked remotely from another room, or even another part of the country. They also offer doorbells and cameras so you can see who enters and leaves the senior’s home, record audio, log dates and times and all of the footage can be backed up and stored on the Cloud.

Other people, either trusted family members, friends, or dedicated staff can also control the door locks remotely. With smart homes offering 24/7 monitoring around the clock, your elderly loved one will be in the safest possible hands.

Smart homes make life easier for seniors

Another reason why smart homes for the elderly are so beneficial is because they make life so much easier for them. 

Smart homes allow for lights to be switched on remotely, or even via voice command. The same goes for the thermostat, where either the senior, another individual, or both, can control it remotely. This means that the senior in question can enjoy a home temperature that is just right for them.

This may not seem like a big deal, but a well-illuminated home means there is less risk of a slip, trip, or fall. 

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