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3 Different Types of Walking/Assistive Aids for the Elderly

3 Different Types of Walking/Assistive Aids for the Elderly

As we grow older, we tend to find that our mobility isn’t once what it was, and everyday tasks such as walking can feel like a bit of a chore. The good news however, is that, thanks to walking aids for elderly people, seniors can still maintain their independence by staying mobile. 

Elderly people are more likely to suffer from painful joint conditions such as arthritis, not to mention the fact that they’re at a greater risk of falling over, which can be very dangerous. This is why products such as walking frames for the elderly are so popular. 

With so many walking aids available for seniors, knowing which product to choose can feel like a chore in itself. To help you understand the key differences between each product to determine which is right for you, here’s a look at 3 different types of walking aids for seniors. 

Walking sticks

A walking stick for elderly individuals is not uncommon, and for good reason. Walking sticks, also known as walking canes, are simple devices designed to help steady yourself when you’re walking, offering stability, while also easing strain upon the legs. 

As far as walking aids for elderly people go, walking sticks are ideal as they are discreet, lightweight, portable, and very simple to use. 

Typically, a standard walking stick is 36” in length, though there are walking canes that are adjustable. 

The only downside to walking sticks for elderly users is the fact that they can put extra strain upon the hands and wrists. 

Walking frames

A walking frame for the elderly, also known as a Zimmer Frame, is another very common walking aid for elderly individuals.

These devices are made up of a sturdy frame featuring 4 legs, 2 of which at the front sometimes have wheels fitted. 

A walking frame serves as a fantastic walker assist for seniors as they provide a greater surface area for more contact with the floor. As the user evenly distributes their weight on either side of the frame, it stays perfectly balanced. 

Walking frames for the elderly are lightweight so the user can easily lift them between steps, and they can even fold away for storage purposes when not in use. 

For seniors who really struggle to stay on their feet for prolonged durations of time, a seniors walker with seat is a great solution. 

Bath aids

Hygiene is very important, regardless of your age, which is why bath aids for the elderly are also so useful. 

Designed to help seniors get into and out of a bath or shower safely, bath aids are very important to have in the homes of seniors. 

There are many different types of bath aids to choose from, though grab rails, bath seats, bath steps, and bathmats are all very useful, as are walking frames to help the senior in question to walk safely on the bathroom floor, which may be slippery. 

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